4 Reasons Why I am VLOGGING

Vlogging. Filming and posting your life on the internet where it will either be judged by strangers or completely lost in the abyss of the World Wide Web. What a strange concept.

Here’s why I’m doing just that.


1. Its pushing me out of my comfort zone

Yes. Vlogging seems strange. Stranger still for a mild introvert like your’s truly who can’t even stomach Snapchat because of my morbid fear of selfies. So why did I decide start talking to a camera about my daily life (and – for the record – feeling like a total knob while doing so)?

Well, it all began with live broadcasting. It might sound silly, but I have found broadcasting as a really amazing way to challenge myself lately. It pushes me to learn music I might not have before. It shoves me out of my shell and forces me to engage with an audience. Its been a really fun learning experience!

When I began to get a lot of questions about my daily life and my experience as a professional vocalist, I thought, wouldn’t it be so much better to be able to show it first hand rather than mumble on about  what is a fairly unrelatable lifestyle to most people?

So I started filming it!


2. Its expanding my knowledge and giving me new skills

In the last few years I have developed a very amateur love for filming and editing. I am by NO means any kind of expert in any of this, but putting out a stream of videos every week is expanding my knowledge in these areas. I find myself watching more and more educational videos on how to do certain editing techniques, I am downloading better software and using better equipment, heck, I just ordered a drone for goodness sake! 

I have always wanted to be adept at these things, and vlogging is giving me an excuse to focus on that!


3. Its a fun way to connect to my VERY international friends and family. 

Africa, New Zealand, Israel, UK, Ukraine, Australia, Holland, Canada….these are just a few of the places that you can find my favorite human beings. I mean, I love traveling, but I don’t have the kind of air miles to go see everyone that is important to me all the time. Vlogging is a fun way to share what is happening in my life with my vast network of loved ones.


4. Why not?!

My generation gets a lot of criticism about our inability to settle down. We’re dream-chasers and passion-followers. We don’t buy homes. We eat too much avocado toast. Whatever. 

To that I say, WHY NOT? I’m young, I’m getting paid to do what I love, I am seeing the world and doing what makes me happy. Newsflash: Lots of people are earning steady income from that notorious internet that we spend so much time on.

My life feels pretty awesome right now, so why not share that with the world (or with my MASSIVE following of 15 subscribers. I’ll remember you all when I’m famous.)


So that’s that. I’m vlogging now.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but its a growing process. Even after just two weeks of doing this, I look back at my earlier videos and cringe, so I hope to get better and better! Join me in this endeavor and SUBSCRIBE!



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